About Me

The purpose of my blog is to provide you with new information on the importance of natural body care, simple DIYs, tips on how to live healthier, and discounts on my products. Here, you will learn quite a lot and get access to simple recipes to help improve the health of your skin!

I make most of my posts about the importance of natural skin care, but I also write posts about medicinal herbs, specific nutrients, DIYs, and why some things are not always what they seem in the natural skin care world.

Me at a local winter farmer’s market. The greenhouse keeps us super warm!

I know, you’re wondering why you should listen to me, of all people! Well, one of my best assets is that I am constantly learning. I have taken a course in aromatherapy, body care products, and also a workshop in herbal medicine. I constantly read books and articles to further broaden my knowledge on the topics of health, nutrition, skin care, medicinal herbs, and essential oils. Although I am not an authority on any of these topics, I am very cautious with the sources I choose to trust.  I am also open-minded and willing to concede being wrong if something I had once stated turns out to be untrue.

Bees pollinating lavender plants!

I’m a very hands-on type person and am always creating something new. Whether it be cooking, baking, making yogurt, crocheting, playing ukulele, drawing, writing, or making products, my main goal is to create. I love the process of creating a new recipe, or improving upon one I have already seen. There’s a wonder and almost “mad scientist” like energy around creating something new. I don’t always love the messes that are made, but I do love the end result!


Myself talking to a happy customer during a summer farmer’s market! I always love to hear feedback.

I equally enjoy the fact that my products help people. I get such a sense of purpose and joy from helping others, and I am so grateful that I have an avenue through which I can achieve that. Even though it’s just helping someone take better care of there skin, it is so meaningful to me.

Outside of the Forevergreen world, I enjoy hiking, being outdoors, doing yoga, crocheting, cooking, baking, and learning some new tunes on my ukulele! I’m also a voracious reader, if you couldn’t already tell! Sometimes nothing beats just curling up to a nice cup of tea (green is my favorite) with a blanket and my nose stuck in a great book.



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Thank you for taking the time to read this!