About Me

Hello, everyone! So glad you’ve found me on my little piece of the internet. As I’m sure you’ve seen, my name is Gabrielle Desmarais and I am a certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner through the Nutritional Therapy Association.

I’m a foodie and lover of all cooking shows, especially the ones with Gordon Ramsay! I love to make food as much as I love to eat it 😛 I love to hike, bike, rock climb, swim, forage; basically anything that gets me outside. I also love to crochet, knit, play french horn and play ukulele when I can! I live in a teeny town in New Hampshire with my husband and two fur babies of the rabbit variety – Timothy and Abby.

Strawberries from my parents' garden :)
Strawberries from my parents’ garden!

You’re probably wondering how I got onto the path of health and nutrition. Well, it’s more like how others have brought it to my attention! My father has been using nutrition and medicinal herbs to heal his body and manage symptoms for most of his life. Whether it be joint pain, back pain, digestive issues, allergies, high blood pressure; you name it he’s probably done some form of nutritional therapy to ameliorate the problem. From a young age, I had a distinct understanding of how food relates to health. When my friends were taking cold medicine for their colds, I was taking elderberry syrup!

However, it wasn’t until recently that I discovered the full superpower of proper nutrition! When I met my husband Alex, he had horrible allergies. Springtime was beyond miserable for him; eyes constantly weepy and nose running like a leaky faucet. He couldn’t go near dogs or cats without popping a Zyrtec, otherwise that seemingly innocent fluffy dander would wreak havoc on his skin and create bloodshot eyes. He had even gone to the hospital more than once in childhood on account of his asthma.

My husband was told by everyone, including the doctors, that this is how he would be for the rest of his life. Feeling awful, unable to breathe as the doldrums of winter lift and the sunny rays of springtime bring warmth… and pollen to his chilled bones. Forever denied the joys of owning a pet through the constant barrage of allergic reactions that simply prevent the ability to form a true bond.

That is, until my father offered some advice in his typical sage-like fashion. It was a sunny day on my parents farm, my father and Alex walking in the field to start building the garden. Alex relayed to my father how he generally feels good health-wise, but commented on his severe allergies. That’s when my father says, “Oh, I know what your problem is! You have a gut problem. Try some fermented foods.”

And that my friends, is the day that changed everything. From this point forward, both of us would become obsessed with all things nutrition; the bug has bitten.

Something as simple as a small serving of fermented carrots each day was enough to take severe allergies, to no reaction at all. According to everyone else, this was supposed to be impossible! Now, we both were fully understanding of the power of nutrition and made full commitment to it. We read as many books as we could about it!

From my wedding at my parent’s farm!

I had just gotten into fermented foods a week before that conversation had taken place, so serendipity was on my side. Alex was skeptical that some old sour vegetables that had sat out waaay too long could possibly help; but he tried them anyway. And they worked. They worked!

The journey doesn’t stop there, however. Once the allergies had been addressed, another set of symptoms emerged within Alex. Over time, Alex’s energy levels were slowly winding down. It got to the point where he was working from bed and it was a struggle to even walk up the stairs. Something was wrong, as this should not be happening to a 26 year old gym-goer. There was no energy left to give; all vigor for life drained.

It was as tough for me to watch the person I love most go through this as it was for him to experience it. So what did we do? Buy more books of course! We read, and listened to podcasts, and read again.

Finally, we came across a book that was the perfect explanation of the symptoms Alex was experiencing; Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. (For anyone interested, this is the book we read). Although he was never officially diagnosed, there was a perfect overlap. It seemed like this book was written for Alex. He followed the protocol exactly and has improved significantly as a result. He’s back to being the energetic, happy self I remember!

Me and my best friend 🙂

Through all of this knowledge and experience I have gained workshopping some serious health problems with my husband, I have grown an intense passion for nutrition. This is why I decided to become a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner. I want to guide people the way books have guided Alex to better health. It took so many years, so much effort, to reach the point where he is at today. I want to help people achieve optimal health; without all the roadblocks. I am particularly passionate about helping those with gut issues and those diagnosed with CFS. I understand how debilitating and frustrating these conditions are, and many medical professionals simply don’t do anything to help. I’m here to tell you, there is so much that you can do! Our bodies are capable of the most incredible transformations, we just have to give them the nutrition they require to flourish. I would love to help you get there 🙂